Volunteering in North Ballymena



By volunteering, you can;


Support Your Community / be part of something bigger than youself!

Being an active member of the community will give you tremendous psychological benefits. Involvement will help you feel a part of something bigger - feeling a part of a real team, and by leaving your mark to help make a better world you will feel like a superhero. We are social beings and all we want is to be happy, so getting involved is a great first step.


Gain confidence & build self esteem

Through volunteering you can gain confidence and build on your self-esteem by learning new skills and meeting new people.


Learn new skills

What better way to learn a new skill than by helping out in your local community. You can learn not only new skills, but you can gain experience as well, and possibly even achieve a few qualifications. Volunteering is a great thing to be able to put on your CV when you are job hunting!  Prospective employers love to see you are active, even during periods of unemployment or when you are busy being a house wife or house husband.


Meet New People

We live in a very diverse world, with different people coming from all walks of life. By volunteering you can meet lots of others who could turn out to be lifelong friends.


Have fun

One of the main reasons that people volunteer is to have fun!

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