Been to any of the NBCC events or activities and have constructive comments to make.  We want to know!  We welcome all opportunities to improve on the work that we do and the connections that we make.  Contact details are on the right. 



Regardless of:

  • what programmes you think would be useful to an area
  • what funding you can bring in 
  • how many people would benefit in your community 
  • the long term positive impact that programme can have
  • the change that that you see in neighbourliness and community spirit


NONE of the above is possible without people!


People who care, people who want to give back, people that challenge us to do better, people who work in partnership to make things happen


Who are these people - they are mums and dads, grannies and grandads, they are brothers and sisters, friends and neighbours, they are volunteers ......they are YOU!


Find out more about the benefits of volunteering click here!


See the Volunteering Opportunities for:

Ballymena North Partnership - here

Doury Road Development Group - here

D3MAC - here


Dunclug Volunteers in full clean up mode!


If you're not sure if volunteering is for you but you'd like to get more info or find out what support we can provide please call in and have a chat with me.


Phone in advance as the office hours are only partially covered. T: 0777 834 5526


I look forward to meeting you!    



Cluster Coordinator

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North Ballymena Community Cluster 

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